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Otter Appointed Another Idaho Wingnut to the House

So much for Otter being a moderate. MGR warned us about newly appointed Caldwell Representative Curtis Bowers. But now Bowers has gone and shown us his true colors. He labels Hillary the first woman presidential candidate. From my feeble memory she's at least the third. I'm not so sure Bowers can get much else right, er, correct. But what a conspiracy theory. I guess he didn't get the memo that Islamofascist is the favored term for demonization. Communism is so cold war. He must have backed Grandpa Fred who kept referring to Russia as the Soviet Union. He should fit right in with the Representatives in the Statehouse. Hey Curtis, I got your bipartisanship right here buddy.  read more »

The Swiftboating of Obama.

It didn't take the Village Idiot long. The religious right are so gleeful on their crusade in the Middle East, manufactured gratefully by the President they helped elect, that they must demonize anything resembling a Muslim, particularly if the object of that resemblance is running for President on a populist platform to end that misguided war. So we have Mr. Fisher now taking up the standard of disinformation begun by this Letter to the Editor authored by Clarice Wright, later disavowed by the Idaho Statesman and mercifully corrected by scads of Treasure Valley readers. Fisher and his ilk again demonstrate their unbridled capacity for intolerance sufficent to embarass the most pious adherents of the teachings of Christ.  read more »

A Motivating Poll

Seems Representative Nicole LeFavour from the liberal ghetto of Idaho (District 19--the North and East ends of Boise) was eyeing the Senate race and commissioned a poll. Nicole is the first openly gay legislator in the state and Craig's follies gave her the perfect backdrop for her to prove that Idahoans are serious when they say they don't care if a politician is gay or not.

The results of the poll are hopeful for Dems.
Q.5 Now, thinking about the elections in November 2008, if the election for US Senate were held today, would you be voting for the Democratic candidate or the Republican candidate?  read more »

I Don't Like the Sound of This

Apparently a school nurse in Wilder is facing some criticism for giving birth control to a fifteen year old. Sounds like she may lose her job. Notwithstanding the issues in notification of the parents, if the teenager is sexually active I'm thinking the nurse should get a medal.

Every day we're bombarded with news of global warming. We also hear about natural disasters that are "unprecedented" for the damage they cause to person and property. Locally at the Boise Guardian people gripe non-stop about growth and its problems like sprawl, pollution, quality of life and how to keep people from moving here. But nobody ever approaches the root cause of all these statistics, population growth. Folks we're running out of planet. You just have to go outside and breathe to accept it.  read more »

This is funny

On Think Progress they had this post on Bush's very cordial meeting with the recipient of this year's Nobel Peace Prize, Al Gore. Just below it was this post on Cheney being diagnosed with yet another irregular heartbeat. In spite of my conviction that Cheney lacks such an organ, I couldn't help but wonder if the two events weren't somehow related.

Idaho Republicans Scold Electorate, Forget to Check Their Zipper

How long can Idaho elect people who think the only use for government is to mold society into some sort of Mayberry. Sheesh even Mayberry had a town drunk, a single parent and incompetent law enforcement but these bozos are shooting for the cumulous clouds breaking and the bare feet of a lilly white Christ stepping down to bestow the fictionalized blessings of heaven upon the nuclear family in the apparent belief that this is the only way to salvation of the myriad reality based problems facing our lawmakers every session. But in the wake of the Larry Craig scandal how can any of these family values' candidates have the audacity to scold the rest of us on our lifestyles? The moral authority of those who would lecture you on your life choices is utterly tainted by these self same lawmaker's own choices and by their families disclosing a level of hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy rendering them and their views unfit for public office. They have insulted women, single parents, all divorced people, dishonored the religion of tolerance and forgiveness they invoke at every opportunity, and unequivocally demonstrated a leadership so out of touch with reality that there's no wonder the country feels we're headed in the wrong direction.  read more »

Democrats Win Big

The Ohio Republican Party is melting down. Viginia Democratic legislators now own the statehouse. Kentucky was a bloodbath for Republicans which has to be scaring the beejeezus out of Senate Minority Leader McConnell right now. The GOP's perceived magic bullet, immigration, got no play, which means they will have to come up with something new by next year. Even the Mississippi statehouse is dominated by Ds despite losing statewide races. Kos has the results. Bush doesn't look like he gives a damn about the travails of his party cause he's too busy squandering Americas credit rating. And I hope and pray his solution isn't to start another unilateral discretionary war because I don't care what your party affiliation is, you're an idiot if you think that is in the country's best interests.  read more »

Ada County Dems to Offer Red Meat

The Ada County Democrats are bringing David Sirota to speak at the JFK banquet/fundraiser on Friday, November 16, at the Boise Centre on the Grove. Rumor is that his syndicated column will help fill the very large void left by Molly Ivins. Molly spoke highly of David saying: "Sirota is a new-generation populist who instinctively understands that the only real questions are 'Who's getting screwed?' and 'Who's doing the screwing?'"

The Ada County Democrats have made great strides for Democrats in Idaho having assisted in taking all legislative seats in Boise. But they still have work to do with the rest of the County. They need your help.  read more »

Just Too Cozy: The Incestuous Nature of Business and Government in Idaho

The announcement came of Otter's chief of staff leaving that position to eventually become the chief lobbyist for Idaho Power's holding company, IdaCorp. Ka-ching! Remember Jeff Malmen's the one who made some headlines when it was discovered he was one of the state's top paid employees making more than the Governor. He certainly is a contender for the highest paid political appointee in the state. Taking his place is Jeff's good friend Jason Kriezenbeck who is leaving his lobbying position with Micron to become Otter's new chief of staff. While transitions are a time of mixed feelings, none of these players is losing in this incestuous scenario.  read more »

MountainGoat Nominated for Award

I am very proud of MG for being a finalist for the 2007 Weblog Awards as one of the nation's top political blogs. She's intelligent, probing, sagacious, well versed and richly deserves this award for her astute observations on politics in the gem state and nationwide. She graces us all with her presence in the blogosphere. But of course she has an uphill battle to secure the most votes since she has only been around for less than a year and is pitted against other blogs who have secured a much wider readership. We can improve her profile though by doing our best to spread the word. And to vote early and vote often. Go to her site here for the links.  read more »

Craig Fails the Smell Test Again

I was going to look this up once the FEC filing was reported but Betsy beat me to it. Seems that Larry's lips were moving again. He told you in his Boise press conference that he sought the advice of no one after his June arrest in Minneapolis. In particular it was a material part of his recent argument to Court that he never consulted with an attorney prior to pleading guilty. Yet his filings disclose his attorney Billy Martin was on retainer and was paid in July, before the August guilty plea.  read more »

Idaho's Hall of Shame

I asked the same question Betsy did about Idaho's Hall of Fame. But while she delved into the founder's desire for highlighting accomplishments by Idahoans I came up empty when I observed this year's inductees. Besides the now infamous Larry Craig its mostly a Who's Who of Idaho Republicans including, Craig, Otter, Risch and Vadersloot. And the ceremony emceed by Dave Leroy no less. Before its inadvertent hiatus in 2002 there seemed to be an attempt to acknowledge other Idahoans of repute with nods to Senator Church. Now it seems just a crass self congratulatory vehicle for the aggrandizement of Idaho Republicans and the big business backers that hold their leashes.  read more »

Republicans Swapping one Egotist for Another.

Risch's unsurprising announcement last week was overshadowed by the Republican managerie assembled in Boise to hear the news. Even Republican Party leader Kirk Sullivan was on hand to anoint Risch's candidacy for Senate signaling all other challengers there should be no primary battle. Rex Rammel wasn't listening since he likely represents the right wing of Idaho's divided party and has an axe to grind. But all this goose stepping and saluting masks a vulnerability in a once safe seat. Larry Craig's stubborn refusal to resign stands as testament to Idahoans how Republican leaders will sacrifice the welfare of the state for their own selfish concerns.  read more »

Risch Ready for Craig to Quit "Stalling".

Weeks ago I speculated over the September 30 self imposed deadline by Larry Craig to resign his senate seat in the wake of the disclosure of his guilty plea. I thought it was to accommodate the schedule of the most likely appointee, Jim Risch, who had a jury trial beginning mid September. But for a guy accused of soliciting anonymous sex in public restrooms Larry stubbornly refuses to go down for Risch or anybody else in his party. I guess he has some standards.

Jim Risch obtained a $6 million punitive damage verdict out of the Ada County jury this week. Ironically the lawmaker argued to the jury that the state is ineffective in its regulation of the insurance industry. The former Governor contended that the state is a paper tiger in making insurance companies own up to their obligations to their insureds. Obviously this argument was used in order persuade the jury to inflate the punitive damage award. He convinced the jury they were the only ones who could regulate insurers in light of the state's failure to do so. And the only way to do that was to was send the insurance company a message in the form of a jury award with lots of zeros.  read more »

Will Craig Go Down With his Motion?

Craig's stayin' pending the Court's ruling. Well I guess I'm not surprised or disappointed. But when you tell everyone your plan of action and then you renege, the question about whether your gay or not takes a back seat.(stop it) They wonder whether you're trustworthy, credible, honorable, and honest, attributes we seek in vain from Republican politicians these days. Craig is coming away looking deliberately deceitful. And as I said before Craig is not operating in the interests of Idahoans, violating the public trust he accepted by virtue of his three elections to the esteemed Senate office.  read more »

Craig's Day in Court--a Primer While You're Making Popcorn

Larry Craig's attorneys are going to Court September 26 in order to provide him...a day in Court. Oddly enough he's not going to personally appear pursuant to "advice of counsel". Now what does that say? Is he too important to be there? That plays right into the prosecutors' arguments. Do his attorneys think he's going to lose anyway? For someone throwing all his eggs in this single basket its a dicey call.

Stapilus has a pretty good analysis of Craig's confusing saga.

The Gray Lady expounds on the irony of a law and order Republican claiming he was denied his rights.  read more »


I've kept one eye on the presidential elections and one candidate has been standing out for me, John Edwards, mostly because of his courageous, detailed and spot on substantive policy positions on issues that resonate with many voters. But for many of us we just want the Dem who will take back the White House. Well electability is another reason to look at Edwards.

Hillary's camp keeps touting her leads in the polls because they make her look stronger and electable. But we all know her negatives and the fact that she'll motivate far more Republicans to vote than Democrats. Now here's a new poll in key states matching possible D and R frontrunners.  read more »

The Republican Noise Machine

You probably never heard of her so I'm loathe to reward her caustic statements by acknowledging her existence but Michelle Malkin laid into Sally Fields and her censored comments about motherhood and war at the Emmys. And Fox, Ms. Fields' censor, was very willing to give Ms. Malkin air time to spew her hate filled garbage for which she had NO BASIS WHATSOEVER. Malkin has the gall to advocate violence as a motherly virtue. And the Fox talking heads just gush.

Ms. Malkin takes liberties to tell her audience what kind of mother Sally Fields is. Surely one ought to be personally familiar before making such accusations. After all just anybody could make obeservations from afar based upon her public representations. For example someone could say:  read more »

Who Killed the Electric Car

Last night I watched this documentary.
Its presented as a tongue in cheek murder mystery. It starts with the funeral and then lists the cast of suspects. But the film languishes in the middle when it portrays the actual death of the car, its painful to watch. But you have to watch until the end when the verdict is announced on each suspect. The most damning piece of evidence is what actually happens to the cars that were put into the stream of commerce. The movie is very important in that it summarizes quite well the cast of characters populist progressives are up against and how daunting the task is. You will be incensed by the end. Keep the faith.  read more »

Competing Embarrassments--Why do they hate America?

Before Larry Craig's house of cards came tumbling down, Representative Bill Sali was the odds on favorite to win this year's title of the Idaho politician to do the most to embarrass the state. The title goes back years and seems to be dominated by such Republican luminaries as Helen Chenoweth, Steve Symms, George Hansen, and Don Samuelson. With Larry trumping all efforts by Sali to compete for the title by fighting to ressurect what's left of his dignity, I just couldn't let Sali's ludicrous comments go by without my two cents. Also since the Statesman thinks I don't value the ACLU I'd like to clarify my views.  read more »

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