Appropriate and Traditional? Are voices being squashed in the Canyon County Republican Party?

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Many people, from both sides of the political aisle, who watched the video showing the final minutes of the Canyon County Republican Central committee meeting on 7-12-2011, reacted with shock and dismay.

Here is some background:

After an impassioned speech asking for forgiveness for his transgressions, Sen. John McGee Tuesday helped block an immediate vote on a resolution for a Canyon County Republican Central Committee group to investigate his DUI. The resolution also called for a vote by the entire committee, after the smaller group’s report, on whether or not to keep McGee as its chairman. About 70 people filled the meeting that normally draws a smaller crowd.

The speech failed to sway state legislative District 13 GOP chairwoman Ronalee Linsenmann from her mission. She took the rostrum after McGee’s statements and brought a resolution for voting members of the committee to form a group of five to seven members “to report back to the Central Committee … with any medical records or other information relevant to the issue.” McGee declared that it was appropriate and traditional (emphasis mine) to take the resolution to the Central Committee’s executive committee for it to take action on.

Linsenmann asked McGee where such a ruling was in the committee’s bylaws. She wanted the resolution put to a vote at the meeting. McGee responded by saying it was the tradition of the central committee (emphasis mine) to respond to such resolutions that way. Sen. Curt McKenzie, R-Nampa, then at 8:30 p.m. moved that the meeting be adjourned. He suggested that some members may have to get back to their children at home. McGee called for a voice vote and committee members voted unanimously to end the meeting.

Pocatello activist Tamara Code, via Facebook, added:

You know I just watched that video of the last 10 minutes of that meeting. It was frightening. Constituents are absolutely not listened to or respected. Tradition does not override the rules. It was appalling that rules were thrown out the window because the good old boys are in control!

The Canyon County Republicans Facebook page is hosting a debate on this issue.

Here are some excerpts:

Michael Pullin: I've seen this before. and the committee vots to post pone and then it's dropped.

Corey Freeman: Ummm.... Isn't this the type of situation that would require the chair to recuse himself? This is how liberals run things not conservatives. Sad to hear, very sad.

There was also this exchange:

Shoni Pegram: ‎"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone"

Megan Linsenmann: I never said I was perfect. I continually sin and ask repentance of what I have done and I am not commenting on his action of the DUI. I am commenting on his actions as chairperson. He...a SENATOR who should stand in proctection of the rules/ WILLINGLY violating them. He stands for tradition over rules? Only when it benefits him the most. When the rules will help him however tradition is typically followed, next times rules will win.

NOTE: If you would like to be included in the dialogue, but don't have an account on this site and don't like hanging out on Republican Facebook pages ... No worries.

In addition to this entry on 43sb, the Canyon County Democratic Party Facebook Page is also hosting a debate on this issue.

All voices and perspectives are welcome.

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So Much for Democracy

I'm amazed that the members of the CC allowed the Chairman to get away with the BS line about tradition. As a past chairman of a CC I'm well aware that the meetings are governed by the application of Robert's Rules, following the by-laws of the organization. Tradition? Really? I hope the 2C's don't let him get away with this crap.


Kent Marmon: "I was deeply angered"

The embedded link in the first sentence of this blog entry is that of the Facebook page: Videos Posted by Tom Munds.

Munds also posted the video on YouTube, which allowed us to embed.

From that Facebook debate, Kent Marmon, a conservative candidate who has run in other elections, said:

I was deeply angered by McGee's reference to "Tradition" in lieu of the bylaws. I've been ranting about elected officials who vote based on "tradition", what makes them feel good, or what they feel will get them another vote in the next election... none of them seem to know, or understand that we have State and Federal CONSTITUTIONS... and those are the guidelines that must be followed... just like the bylaws of the Can yon County Republican Party (where it comes to political party issues). I say, "fire him!"

From Idaho Press Tribune Debate

One person wrote:

The same persons who voted him into the position of Chairman should have equal power to vote him out, after showing just cause. Although he may have been able to redeem himself if he'd handle it properly, it should be the voters who put him there who allows him that opportunity or denies it. He should not have the power to preclude his own criminal investigation or overrule the committee's desire to do so.

Unilateral action is not "helping"

In the background (quoted from Mike Butts' report in the IPT), it says "Sen. John McGee Tuesday helped block an immediate vote on a resolution..."

Some sort of weird euphemism, going by what the video shows. McGee acted unilaterally as chair to refer the motion to committee, then cited "tradition" as justification, waved his hands at the first point of order Linsenmann raised, failed to maintain order when one of his pals stood up and said "May I say something?" in the middle of the second point of order that Linsenmann raised, and then dismissed that point as well.

I guess they haven't heard of a having a parliamentarian? Maybe Ms. Linsenmann will raise that point of order at the next meeting. She is, apparently, part of the Executive Committee where McGee said he would send the motion... to see if they'll allow it? Do you suppose McGee would chair that meeting too, and the members would fail to see the importance of his recusal?

If these folks can't run their own party any better than this, what the hell are voters in CaCo thinking letting them participate in state govt.?

Idaho GOP Approves No Confidence Vote in McGee

Idaho Republicans have approved a motion giving Sen. John McGee a vote of no confidence.

The no-confidence motion was approved by the Idaho GOP's state central committee on Saturday at its meeting in Moscow. A previous resolution submitted by Mark Patterson and Lucas Baumbach, both of Boise, called for McGee to be censured and expelled from the central committee.

Baumbach told the Lewiston Tribune he drafted it after McGee, at a Canyon County GOP Central Committee meeting last week, blocked a vote on whether the 38-year-old lawmaker should remain the local party chairman.

McGee shouldn’t decide resolution

From the Idaho Press Tribune:

If McGee really wants to get back into voters’ good graces, he hasn’t helped his own cause lately. He hasn’t released his medical records to back up his claim that he suffered a concussion, which impacted his actions on June 19, nor has he told us the whole story. And now he inappropriately asserts his power as county party chairman to avoid the risk of being refuted by that very same group. Last week, this editorial board reminded him of his obligation to full disclosure. Now it’s time to remind him of his obligation to avoid conflict of interest.

When the committee meets on Aug. 9 to consider Linsenmann’s resolution, McGee shouldn’t be in the room, and he certainly shouldn’t act as chairman. He needs to recuse himself, out of respect to the rest of the group. He can interpret meetings laws however he wants, but his actions Tuesday convey the appearance of someone desperate to hold on to power and willing to do anything it takes to retain it. Regardless of how things play out with Canyon County Republicans, that won’t wear well with voters.

‎Driven by a hundred forms of fear, self-delusion, self-seeking

‎"Driven by a hundred forms of fear, self-delusion, self-seeking, and self-pity, we step on the toes of our fellows and they retaliate." - Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 62.

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