Consequences of Violent Republican Hate Rhetoric on HCR

There have been two recent events flying just below the media radar but which should be sounding alarm bells. Officials in California arrested Gregory Giusti for threatening the life of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. In Washington the FBI arrested a Yakima man, Charles Alan Wilson, for threatening the life of Senator Patty Murray. The crime they're charged with is isn't just for making the threat, but making the threat with the intent to impede, intimidate, interfere or retaliate against an official in the exercise of her official duties. 18 USC 115 et seq. I raise that point to demonstrate that society has rendered illegal threats of violence as a form of political persuasion. This type of violent coercion is not protected political speech under the first amendment nor should our process be tainted by it. These congresscritters were just doing their jobs and if the electorate disagrees then the constitution provides a very civil method for holding them accountable.

Both arrests occurred on the heels of signing health care reform into law and both men cited that as the reason for their threats. These guys are both kooks, and as Brother Bubbles is fond of pointing out, both sides have them. But the difference is that these guys have had some pretty serious egging on by the right wing noise machine and irresponsible political leaders. Giusti's mother said her son:

frequently gets in with a group of people that have really radical ideas and that are not consistent with myself or the rest of the family and -- which gets him into problems. And apparently I would say this must be another one that somehow he's gotten onto either by -- I'd say Fox News or all of those that are really radical, and he -- that's where he comes from.

And Wilson is as politically charged as he is misogynisticly profane. I put the 'fan' in profanity, but not the way he uses it. So if you wanna read his words you are forewarned that its quite odious. Here's some relevant snippets:

Now that you've passed your health care bill, let the violence begin.

Kill the fucking senator!

We the people, will not subside, succumb to socialism.

This great country believes in God and guns.

You're signing my death warrant so I want to sign yours.

By your efforts to overtake this country with socialism, someone's gonna get you one way or another, and blow your fucking brains out, and I hope it does happen. If I have the chance, I would do it.

We will not be socialized, you fucking C___!

Not only do I say, "Kill the bill!" I say, kill the fucking senator.

There is a growing hatred, my dear, for you progressive socialist democrats. Socialism will not work.

Since you are going to put my life at risk, and some bureaucrat is going to determine my health care, your life is at risk, dear.

You're fucking dead meat! Baby killer, Murray.

Senator, you just got done fucking the people of this state, the senior citizens of this country and most everybody else, to satisfy your ideological ideas. We are going to fuck you up.

As you trash our Constitution, you tried to lead us into a socialistic nation, we're going to fuck you up.

Voting on a bill that kills babies, you ought to be very, very proud of yourself.... Its not that I hate you. I have never met you. But your policies and your ideals suck.

The felony complaint actually reads much worse than that excerpted above. The end of his voicemail tirade is chilling where he chides the senator for not coming outside her office to address the assembled teabagger crowd when visiting Yakima on Tuesday April 4. Damn good thing she didn't.

The rhetoric Wilson employs is just a regular day's viewing on Fox News without the profanity. Glenn Beck has suggested poisoning Nancy Pelosi. Cal Thomas has suggested that Pelosi provoked tea baggers to violence for carrying an oversized gavel and that HCR is an outrage, a sham and will lead to euthanasia. Our own Congressman Mike Simpson held up the word "Kill" in a sign made with fellow Republicans that said "Kill the Bill" to a group of teabaggers outside the Capitol. Sarah Palin, encouraged her followers to "reload" on the passage of HCR. Governor Perry in Texas has openly suggested secession, and the entire tea party movement is premised on violent revolt in the face of tyranny. They use socialism as a synonym for tyranny. The references to socialism are ubiquitous, not only on Fox, but in the rhetoric coming from anything Republican. They also irresponsibly inflame the kooks with talk of death panels, baby killing, and health care rationing, tinging the political debate with a justification for violent reaction to a perceived threat, none of which was true. The instances of employing violent rhetoric are endless and well documented at Media Matters.

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Hutaree militia

I read last week that the arrested Hutaree militia were charged with conspiracy to commit murder and sedition.
The sedition charge is something new, I think, in regards to the re-growing militia movement that's popping up all over the country again. It seems to me that using that charge might be a good way to turn the fires of this movement down. Idaho has 2 new militias that I know of.
The biggest problem I see with the militias is the lone wolves that come out of them. Another militia group were the first to alert the Feds to the Huttarees, but who knows how many loose hangers-on there were with this group. Personally, I think there should be another test case on the limits of free speech with some of the things I've heard and seen- I would like to see every single person who hollers out to murder any elected person at any level of government prosecuted fully.

hate groups

are encouraged by this behavior. Here's an interesting map I got from the SPLC website that shows the groups they are aware of: