Vandersloot Plays the Victim Card


And he does it to make Romney more money. Vader argues:'the scary Chicago black man has me on a hit list.' Drudge sirens. Fox News going apeshit about ACORN representatives hiring actual Canadian gay wolves to make the dead vote for the scary black man, basically compelling the tea baggers into their most convincing nightmare that you wanna steal their guns and tri cornered hats to engage in some scientific orgy of secular bestiality that might lessen our dependence on fossil fuels.

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The Idaho Statesman published two items on Vandersloot in the wake of Vandersloot's multi media launch of his victim status on the right wing noise machine. Both items view the matter superficially, do not investigate the underlying facts supporting the truth, and merely report on "the controversy". This stab in reporting by the traditional media completely glosses over Maddow's expose on his self serving artifice in making pleas for additional cash with a fabricated controversy. By merely approaching this as a 'he said, she said,' both sides do it, false dichotomy, they feign objectivity to become participants in Vandersloot's plea for financial assistance.

In the first "investigative" piece, the Statesman blares in the title Vandersloot's claim of being victimized by Obama, only to note deep into the article that Vandersloot is talking out of both sides of his mouth.

He told a supportive Fox host Bill O’Reilly on Monday that his company had lost a “couple hundred” customers after his mention on the Obama campaign website. But he told the Statesman two days later that all the attention was turning out to be good for business.

“We’re getting a ton of national support, unbelievable, unexpected,” he said. “The phones are ringing off the hook, everyone wanting to know about Melaleuca, people wanting to buy our product, they don’t even know what we’re selling.”

Melaleuca is a direct marketer of 350 health and wellness products. The company last year had about 800,000 customers, more than one-third of whom were also “marketing executives,” a sales force of independent contractors. The company is named for a product of the Australian “tea tree” with antiseptic and analgesic properties.

There's no mention of Vandersloot soliciting donations for Romney during his media barnstorming. And while the Statesman endeavors to 'tell both sides' the article quotes Vandersloot extensively throughout, references an un-returned call from the Obama campaign, yet talks about Vandersloot critics in vague dismissive terms making no effort to interview them. The description of the Melaleuca enterprise is wholly inadequate. The online version of the article contained three links, the O'Reilly transcript, the Rush Limbaugh transcript, and this Media Matters write up. While the write up is solid, it's odd that the Statesman's online article would link to it, and not to the following segment Media Matters excerpted from Rachel Maddow's piece above where Glenn Greenwald calls out Fox News for its hypocrisy demonstrating their willing complicity in Vandersloot's charade.

In the Statesman editorial, with superficial analysis the editorial board merely notes that Vandersloot playing the victim card is unbelievable and insincere.

VanderSloot is a willing participant in an expensive, ruthless bloodsport. Going in, he knew the rules (or dearth thereof). Logic and experience should have told VanderSloot that the bigger the contribution, the sharper the criticism.

After all, VanderSloot has been a key player and well-heeled benefactor in Idaho politics for more than a decade. He has enjoyed the clout and endured the broadsides that come with such status. While his attackers and apologists agree on very little, they should at least be able to agree that VanderSloot knows how the game is played.

For VanderSloot to act as if he is politically naive is not only unconvincing. It’s insincere.

While the opinion is laudable in the face of a billionaire with combative litigious qualities it still does little to highlight the depth of those qualities, or the facts which back them up. Since Glenn Greenwald brought Vanderloot's qualities to light for consumption by a national audience, Rachel Maddow has done two other fact filled exposes on Vandersloot and his politicking beyond the one above. The research for their articles that should have been written is already done. There's no excuse in failing to report these facts. And since this matter is sure to evolve from now till November, it would behoove the Statesman to bring the readers up to speed.

One final note, the Idaho Falls Post Register has published nothing on this matter. Vandersloot's relationship with the Post Register is at the root of much of this controversy. From Facebook reports the editor seems rawly defensive about criticism regarding its lack of coverage.


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Just because you're paranoid...

doesn't mean you can't sell a bunch of health-related product, and squeal like a stuck pig while you raise money from the credulous for your candidate.

And w00t! There's Idaho Falls, on the map.

Poor Frank ....

Oh Boo hoo! Cry me a river, asshat.

Wouldn't a real journalist

ask to see his business records in order to demonstrate that he is suffering economically? #propaganda

The reference in the editorial

that "both sides should be able to agree" is very telling on the mindset of the editorial board in their persistence in reporting a controversy utilizing the false dichotomy that both sides do it. Why don't they just say that Vandersloot's supporters are wrong? You don't have an honest disagreement if one side is full of shit. I sure wish the Statesman would follow NPR's lead in acknowledging the need to report the truth.

And speaking of which, what Vandersloot supporters? Who are they? From what I've seen they're either shills posing as anonymous commenters online, or the right wing media including the Wall Street Journal, Rush Limbaugh, and all of Fox News. That seems like news in and of itself.

Nice rebuttal to FVS from Jody May-Chang

on today's opinion page of the Statesman. I might have made the headline VanderSloot made anti-gay record a national story himself.

More Resaons for Vandersloot to Play the Victim Card

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy :)

Vandersloot subject of IRS, Labor Dept. audits
Posted: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 3:20 pm | Updated: 7:03 pm, Wed Jul 25, 2012.

Associated Press

Idaho businessman and GOP donor Frank Vandersloot is the target of two federal audits _ one by the Internal Revenue Service and the other by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Vandersloot is the CEO of Idaho Falls-based health care company Melaleuca Inc. and among donors who have given $1 million to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

In April, Vandersloot was targeted by President Obama's campaign as one of eight Romney donors with questionable records on various issues.

Vandersloot says the timing of the audits is curious and questionable.

The IRS audit is focusing on personal tax returns from 2008-09. Labor officials will examine the status of temporary foreign workers at his cattle ranch.

An IRS spokeswoman says federal laws prohibit discussing taxpayer information. Labor officials did not immediately respond Wednesday.
Vandersloot subject of IRS, Labor Dept. audits