Victim of Pocatello, Idaho police beating speaks out

They listen to Glenn Beck.

They hate the government ...

That is, except when those public officials in police uniforms are beating up Blacks, Hispanics and the poor.

Then ... #AllLivesMatter and #BlueLivesMatter

This is a follow up to my previous diary Pocatello police officer charged with assault. What Should Happen Now?

But wait! This case doesn't loan itself to those "Blacks commit more crimes" ... "You're race baiting" ... "This is just another liberal media smear" arguments.

The Idaho State Journal has interviewed the victim:

POCATELLO — James Rutherford said an altercation with police that resulted in Pocatello detective Steven Westfall being charged with assault by an officer and Rutherford being transported to the hospital started when he turned on the video camera on his cellphone.

Rutherford said he went to the IRS office at the Omni Building on 275 S. Fifth on July 10 to pick up a tax form for the financial aid office at Idaho State University. As he waited, a security guard asked him if he was carrying a knife. Rutherford told him he was not.

“He asked what was in my pocket. I told him it was my phone, and he asked if I would submit to a search,” Rutherford said. “I told him that I would not. He told me that I had to leave, and I told him that I was a tax-paying citizen and I had a right to be there.”

An exchange on the Idaho State Journal site encapsulates the dillemma for far-right extremists who want to side with the "good officer" over the "bad guy."

Ray Doe
Yes this young man could have prevented all of this in my opinion, according to what we have heard so far. If he would have allowed the security officer to do a search on him then it would have been a done deal. However the question is, what caused the security officer to question the guy in the first place and what made that security officer want to give him a body search..? I'm not taking sides for the individual that was arrested, but I'm not taking sides for any of the officers involved either. Is quite apparent that there was an officer that overstepped his boundaries on video , and without that evidence the officer wouldn't be facing charges himself!

Adam Stone
Ray Doe You don't have to "allow" an illegal search. At least that's not the America I want to live in.

Thank you, Adam Stone.