Lets change the Ada county caucus.

It is time to rethink the Ada county caucus. I know a lot of hard work went into it but the sheer numbers are overwhelming. We are the party that pushes early voting and absentee voting. We are the party that wants every vote to be counted. Yet we make our people stand in line for 2 to 3 hours to get into a building on a given day at a given time. Once there there is no food to buy. We volunteers are told that outside food is not permitted. The line to get in is so long that it is 9:30 PM before the scheduled 7 PM caucus can start. Old people and people with kids just look at the line and leave. I helped a lot of handicapped people into the front of the line but they still had to walk the distance. We need either to abandon the caucus or permit early and absentee voting. Otherwise we are disenfranchising good democrats who cannot devote 6 hours of their lives to a caucus.

Some people who experienced the 2008 caucus just decided to give this one a miss. In 2008 I stood outside for 3 hours in very cold weather to get in. My youngest son Joshua Holmes refused to repeat the experience yesterday. I pushed the civic duty part hard enough that he unfriended me on facebook. In the end he was right.

The delegate selection ends up being the last on standing. In order to be a delegate I had to be their until 1 AM in the morning. My friends who had work or couldn't do that weren't able to get votes. It is 10 AM the next day and I still do not know if I am a delegate. There are people who should be at the state convention and will not be because of this process.

It is time to change the caucus or institute a primary!

Debbie Holmes. 2008 Democratic Nominee for CD2 for the House of representatives.