Lt. Governor Candidate Janice McGeachin Thanks “Proud to Be White Again” Supporter

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Choose your friends wisely. Will Idaho elect a Lt. Governor who openly accepts white supremacists?

A truly awful conversation was recently on Facebook under this post. It has since been deleted. Fortunately, Seth Ogilvie of Idaho Reports covered the whole incident and has screenshots of the entire deleted conversation.

Check out this screenshot that sums up the problem:

This awful conversation was on Facebook yesterday under this post.

The first objection came from Robbie DeLeon: “Janice McGeachin Why should anyone who isn’t white vote for you after seeing these comments? If you want to represent our state you need to represent everyone, not just white conservatives,” according to idaho Reports.

McGeachin did not respond or thank DeLeon, but Jackson did saying “She clearly doesn’t need your vote OR ANY OF YOUR LIBERSL BUDDIES. THIS IS IDAHO! GO RED WAVE! #MAGA or #GTFO.

The thread played out like this for almost 24 hours. Idaho Reports then contacted McGeachin, asking “Does Janice McGeachin support the sentiment ‘I’m proud to be white again?’”

“I hope the voters in Idaho know that I believe that our country should celebrate diversity,” McGeachin told Idaho Reports in an email. “My ‘thank you’ was in response to his support of Trump and my campaigns.”

If you were a candidate and a Klan member posted support in your page, would you simply say “Thank You?”

The candidate later posted, and then deleted, a video from Eric Parker, a participant in the Bundy ranch standoff. He draws comparisons between the First and Second Amendments and encourages people to be as disciplined with their words as they are with their firearms: “Stop shooting the people around you and start shooting the target.”

Idaho Reports reached out to Jackson and received this statement shortly after the thread was deleted. It was posted without editing:

“I’m so mad I’m shakin. She posts about why Trump is getting support and I thank her, she thanks me, then all hell brakes lose. I ask sone of my millitia buddies to push back on the hate I was getting then next thing u know bitch tells me to watch myself and I’m getting beat up by Eric Parker himself for saying things he says all the time. Check FB him and me are/were friends. Now his goons are telling me I’m not wrong, just whatch where I post. Anyway it looks like its over because the bitch deleted my post and put me in FB jail so I can’t post comments to her stuff. McGeachin has no integrity. Can’t support the second while wiping your feet on the first or something like that.”

Well, at least we know where everyone stands. Snark

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