Border wall GoFundMe may need to issue refunds after millions raised

A grassroots online campaign to fund President Trump’s proposed border wall roared past $8.7 million on Thursday, but questions remained about whether the feds would be able to accept the gift, the New York Post Reports

As of Thursday evening, 143,821 people had donated $8,742,182 toward Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage's GoFundMe campaign, titled We the People Will Fund the Wall, just a little over three days after its launch.

An article in the atlantic put a new take on this phenomenon:

Individuals start or contribute to crowdfunding campaigns for their own reasons, but on a collective scale, Americans’ willingness to pitch in 20 bucks to a stranger online is among the defining phenomena of 2018. Its popularity is made possible by two intersecting realizations: Some of the vital structural underpinnings of life in the U.S. don’t work very well, and the ideas that end up mattering most are often those with money behind them.


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